About Our Academy

The Ben Hill United Methodist Church began its preschool ministry in November 1973, to provide day care service.  It was founded by Dr. and Mrs. Olly C. (Carolyn) Duckett and was called the Ben Hill United Methodist Church Preschool Academy. During that time, the Academy offered services for children ages two through five. It was licensed for a capacity of 69 children.

In May 1974, the academy was expanded to offer a developmental program. This program included a robust curriculum to include language, art, health and safety, reading readiness, physical activities, and recreational play. Under the leadership of Mrs. Stella M. Graggs, the Academy soared and gained the reputation of being the place to send children to receive a strong academic foundation.

Today, The Christian Academy at Ben Hill United Methodist Church provides full-day academic instruction to one-year old students all the way through kindergarten to enhance spiritual growth and develop age-appropriate cognitive, socio-emotional, communicative and gross and fine motor skills.

Academic Philosophy

We believe that each child is unique. We are dedicated to encouraging all students to achieve their full potential. Our approach to teaching is varied and challenges the children to inquire, investigate, and search for solutions to draw conclusions. We offer a balanced curriculum that develops the social, cognitive, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each child. We believe that children will become competent, self-reliant, and confident as they grow in our nurturing and child-centered Christian environment.

Vision Statement

The vision of The Christian Academy at Ben Hill United Methodist Church is to educate the next generation of 21st Century leaders who will be good Christians, lifelong learners and innovators in their respective professions in support of persons and causes that seek to improve the quality of life for all in our global society.

Our Mission

The Christian Academy at Ben Hill United Methodist Church provides an exemplary early learning experience for preschool children. The instructional program is designed to develop the children’s socio-emotional, cognitive, communicative, physical and spiritual skills through a developmentally appropriate introduction to academics and religion while engaging the learners in opportunities to explore and discover.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide a spiritual foundation that will assure the children of God’s love for them and develop their appreciation for, love and respect of others;
  • To provide safe, nurturing and well-equipped interior and exterior learning environments that support the approved curriculum;
  • To develop academic skills that will equip our students to excel in school at all instructional levels;
  • To provide a stimulating learning environment that piques the natural intellectual curiosity of students and encourages the children to examine themes while scaffolding all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy;
  • To ensure that families always feel welcome and are also fully informed of their children’s progress;
  • To maintain a partnership with families that represents a collaborative effort to provide exceptional learning experiences for the children that are presented and reinforced in various formats and environments;
  • To utilize community resources to extend educational experience beyond the school doors;
  • To ensure that every child leaves the Academy with full commitment to this mantra, “We are going to college and we will be leaders in the 21st Century.”